Sent: 18 July 2001 01:36
Subject: RE: cruise

Hi, Yann,  I apologize for being so long getting back to you. We are still
telling our friends about the GREAT cruise we had.
We covered about 1200 miles in two buses, and saw a whole lot!!!!
Turkey is a very beautiful land.  It looks very prosperous, yet the lire
lost another 200,000 to the dollar while we were there. It seems that MANY
people have computers, satellite TV, DVD players, etc.,etc. The land is
extremely productive.  Vast sums have been spent on re-forestation. Most of
the cars we saw were very presentable (no "junkers").  A good percentage
were late models. I think I would never get used to the 5x/day call to
prayer, but that goes with the territory.
Thanks for the "navy pic". I was going to send you a few of the over 100
that I shot with my "new digital still" camera, but when I was starting to
off-load them to storage, I pushed the wrong button, and lost ALL of
them.---(easy come.......)
Glad you had a nice time with the two families that followed us on your
itinerary.  I still hope for a next time with a cat.
Keep in touch,  Bob